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August 16, 2009

For some of you who wonder what Minutetraders is really all about , well read what follows…

Carriers around the world faces a major challenge when they want to interconnect with a supplier or a customer. They are often the middle man between an ingress endpoint (the origination) and an egress endpoint (the termination). For some, hundreds of interconnections must be managed and monitored. Each interconnect comes with it’s own set of rates, dial codes, change notifications, agreements, credit allowance, invoices as well as disputes. This is a significant workload and requires great attention to details.

This is where Minutetraders comes into play. Created in conjunction with a number of international telecom carriers, and having ourselves been running several telecom businesses, we perfectly understand the challenges ahead as more and more service providers start their own interconnect business.

Our platform simplifies and automates the purchase and sales process. As a carrier, you will be able to manage all your wholesale interconnect agreements on a single platorm giving you a 360 degre view of your interconnections.

Here is a summary of our platform benefits:

– reduce cost by automating the purchase and sales process
– focus your attention on key markets by monitoring trading rooms created in your target continents and countries
– eliminate revenue leakage with our robust billing system
– track and analyse market trends
– keep track of all your interconnect agreements in one single view
– centralize and maintain all your customer and vendor accounts information and interconnection agreements

We also offer new revenue opportunities by proactively notifying members who might be interested in routes newly created. Real-time alerts enable carriers to react quickly to changing markent trends. 

Try it by yourself by requesting an early private access !

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