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October 13, 2007

We were working lately on some usage scenarios for minutetraders, our upcoming telecom trading marketplace, and realized that all the businesses not using voip for their long distance calls could greatly benefit from our platform.

According to the latest IDATE market report, “The telephony over IP (ToIP) market is growing steadily and
irreversibly, to the detriment of traditional (TDM) solutions. The larger the enterprise and the more sites it operates, the greater the likelihood of ToIP take-up: in France, for instance, 12% of SMEs were equipped with a VoIP solution at the start of 2006, compared to 56% of large corporations. These percentages have been rising steadily ever since, and particularly swiftly in the SME segment.”

minutetraders is the perfect environment to make sure those companies will be able to buy their minutes in bulk and not be tied to one operator – moreover that operator could be local or international, that ‘s why SMEs are starting to understand the potential of voip !

Stay tuned, minutetraders is coming fast.. !


Hiding your vendors with open source software

October 4, 2007

One important thing to considere when switching wholesale traffic is to hide your vendors, to avoid loosing customers ! well unless you route the media to very expensive devices, it sounds tricky to do, but not with some open source applications !

We lately discovered how a back-to-back user agent called sippy (b2bua.org), if combined with RTP Proxy, can definitely hide all your vendors ! How scalable is it, you would ask ? well a descent server such as a core2duo with 1GB of RAM can easily switch over 5M minutes/month. The good thing of RTP Proxy is that it can be distributed accross several servers – regular checks are performed by the b2bua to validate the availability of the proxies and discard unresponsive ones from the pool.

Once again this is a great peace of open source software, that can achieve fonctionalities only reserved to high end type of switches, for a fraction of the cost !

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