Minutetraders introduction

We’ve been working for a while now on minutetraders and we feel it’s the right time to introduce ourself to the community and hopefully get some quality feedback for what we think will change how telecom carriers will work between each others. So keep on reading 😉

What is minutetraders by the way ?! a good start before i answer this question is to look at the number of voip providers out there and we can understand how messy the market is .. between the one that never delivers the minutes, or the one you spend ages to connect your equipments with, or even better the one that doesnt interconnect with you because you don’t have the volume ! why is that ? that’s back to the old age i guess, and we know that wholesalers only deal with bigger dealers..

We all understand this type of business and the motivation behind it, but the wholesaler (a Tier1 carrier) is well happy to get the long tail of telecom carriers’ volume through Tier2 carriers, right? now what about giving the ability to Tier3 carriers (the long tail of voip providers) who are buying from Tier2 carriers, to reach Tier1 carriers ? Sounds impossible because they are too small .. i agree, and this is exactly where minutetraders comes into the party !

Minutetraders will act as broker between buyer and sellers, but doesnt stop there – buyers will be able to leverage their buying capacity. To do so, they will create “trading rooms” with a set of permissions, select some telecommunication routes and wait for bidders ! it’s that simple … A lot more happen in the background and a sophisticated feedback engine will keep on eye on “the good, the bad and the ugly” .

The beta version is due soon, so if you are interested to participate please send an email to our developers: contactus@minutetraders.com

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